mark basso

Mark Basso is our guide chief and will unravel the secret BC spots with his happy mood.
Basso born in Penticton, British Columbia. He’s an active skier and professional whitewater paddler for over 20 years. He been ski racer in moguls and very familiar with the ski resorts in BC and in addition to that, had spent many days touring in the mountains of BC since was a child.

Sharing his time residing in Bergen and Voss since 2008, Basso have a strong relationship with the outdoor recreation community in Norway as well as in many parts of Western Canada and the USA.

Besides Mark Basso, we have other guides during our travels to Canada in the winter so take the opportunity to learn more about them during the trip. It is thanks to wizards that we dare say that we have the best guides out there that will take care of your ski holiday.

Don’t be surprise to see Mark guiding your rafting boat or taking you for a mountain bike spin in the forests in Voss. He got some skils to play all year around!