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Mountain biking in Norway for sure is an adventure! Norway has all the ingredients for an awe-inspiring singletrack mountain bike experience. Explore the labyrinth of Fjords riding your bike and enjoy your most amazing holidays ever.  Take a look now!



That you can get a feeling of how your trip to the fjords in Norway would look like, we share some pictures and descriptions with you. The moment you land in the quaint coastal city of Bergen you will feel the warm welcome of the locals as you explore the cities unique history,  varied architecture and delicious cuisine.   Walk down to the inner harbour and experience the vibrant fish market before walking through the buildings of Bryggen, a UNESCO World Heritage Site that illustrates the architectural style dating back to the 14th century.

mountain bike norway

After taking in this unique Scandinavian city, it’s time to hit the trails and discover what Norway does best:  the outdoors.

Mountain biking in Norway as a great outdoor experience!

The Norwegian lifestyle is built around exploring the outdoors.  You’re never too far from hiking trails,  skiing and more recently, top-notch singletrack mountain bike trails.  From deep coastal fjords to snow-capped mountains, getting around on two-grippy tires is one of the best ways to experience  Norway.  That’s why we put together a 7-day adventure-packed itinerary that not only showcases amazing singletrack but also paddling and culinary experiences.

It’s not often that you find the perfect blend of awe-inspiring natural landscapes,  unique culture,  mouth-watering cuisine and singletrack trails all packed into one place.


mountain bike norway

A 45-minute drive from Bergen and you’ll be getting your first taste of technical  Norwegian singletrack.


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Just outside the small mountain town of Voss,   lies  Lønahorgi mountain – the landscape is perfect for a  freeride mountain traverse.


mountain bike norway, norway mtb, bike norway, mountain biking norway

Feeling small among the vastness of the Norwegian wilderness.


mountain bike norway, norway mtb, bike norway, mountain biking norway

Rock slabs, anyone?


mountain bike norway, norway mtb, bike norway, mountain biking norway

Riding above the clouds.


mountain bike norway, norway mtb, bike norway, mountain biking norway

Time for the descent!


mountain bike norway, norway mtb, bike norway

Views from above.


mountain bike norway, sea kayak noray, fjord norway

When the ride ends beside a beautiful Norwegian fjord, you jump in a kayak to finish the day!


mountain bike norway, canoe norway, bike norway

Another wonderful post-ride activity –   canoeing.


mountain bike norway, norway bike, mtb norway, mountain biking norway

Saying ‘hello’ to the locals.


mountain bike norway

Why take the train, when you can ride?


storeringheim tunet%20og%20voss 6

Stay in unique family-run accommodations in the countryside.



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